Desktop Revelations | Name Your Price

Welcome to DR's Name Your Price feature!

Our foremost goal is to get this book into the hands of everyone who wants it. We do not want cost to be a concern. So we put our head’s together, asked our master publicist, and came up with a solution.

We will let YOU name your price!

The catch – we want you to honestly pick the fair price you can truly afford. Remember, over two years of blood, sweat and tears (well, sweat and tears) went into writing, editing, designing, printing and publishing this book. Not to mention the years spent actually living out the stories recorded in it or the years to come spent promoting it. In addition, every penny earned (aside from taxes) will go to a group of over 20 charities and non-profits* currently in operation all around the world.

That being said, we are offering an original .PDF version of Desktop Revelations, Volume 1 Spiritual Warfare at whatever price you can afford!

Our suggested price is $2, but if FREE is all you can do, then FREE it is! Likewise, if you want to go above-and-beyond then the $5 or $20 option is for you. Those options will allow us to make maximum impact all around the world through our supported charities and non-profits. Of course, if you want the books we have those too. Bottom-line, we just want to get DR Volume 1 into the hands of anyone who really wants it, because when all is said and done that is the only place it can actually transform and change your world.